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iPad test

by Dave on April 4, 2010

I’m using the iPad WordPress app to compose this post on my iPad. It’s quite an impressive app. I’ll have a full review soon.


by Dave on March 30, 2010

VaultPress is a premium WordPress security and backup service, now in private beta. I’ve submitted an application. In the meantime, here’s the home grown backup solution I’ve been using.

WP Super Cache

by Dave on December 2, 2009

A good reminder from Jared Earle boils down to this: Someday the legions of readers you’re after will arrive. All at once. If you’re running WordPress, you’ll want WP Super Cache installed, or they’ll only find a crippled server. [Via (…)

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My standard WordPress plugins updated

by Dave on September 18, 2009

Several months ago, I listed the plug-ins I add to every WordPress installation. This post is an update to that list. Here are my standard WordPress plug-ins. Akismit eliminates comment spam and trackback spam effectively. You’ll need a API (…)

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Posterous set to take over blogging

by Dave on August 11, 2009

I’ve spent the last few weeks with Posterous, a relatively new blogging platform from Sachin Agarwal and Garry Tan. The result is both a modest record of my travels and a powerful enthusiasm for the service. Posterous is going to (…)

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Tweetbacks WordPress plugin

by Dave on January 9, 2009

The Tweetback WordPress plugin displays mentions of your blog on Twitter along with reader comments. Setup is quite simple. I’m going to try it out this weekend.

10 killer WordPress hacks

by Dave on January 7, 2009

Another stellar article from Smashing Magazine.

Secondary WordPress plug-ins

by Dave on November 10, 2008

Last week I listed the WordPress plug-ins that are a part of my standard installation. Today, I’ve picked out some more favorites (plus a couple goodies). These are plug-ins I’ve used with various projects and my own site. If your (…)

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My standard WordPress installation

by Dave on November 6, 2008

One of my recent goals was to create a ready-to-go installation of WordPress. Today it’s complete, and I’ve written to share a bit of it with you. Specifically, these are the plug-ins I include in any basic installation. Of course, (…)

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Automatic WordPress backups to Backpack

by Dave on November 4, 2008

I manage 8 WordPress blogs. Creating timely backups for all of them is a pain. So, today I put an automatic solution in place that results in hands-free, off-site storage of weekly backups. Here’s how. You’ll need a paid Backpack (…)

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