Twenty Ten in pictures

by admin on December 31, 2010

I had a lot of fun in 2010.

In January, I…

Started walking 30 minutes per day,

took my son to get a haircut,

saw my daughter tie her shoe for the first time without help,

and played in the Bobcat.

In February, I…

visited San Francisco,

tried In-N-Out Burger,

visited Cupertino,

saw LeVar Burton and David Pogue,

met Guy Kawasaki,

and worked with my friends.

In March, I…

took my daughter to her ice skating lesson,

organized some old film,

and celebrated my son’s 5th birthday with a “Monster Party.”

In April, I…

broke ground for the new berry patch,

built a vegetable bed,

made a monster puppet,

lined up to buy an iPad,

found Easter eggs,

and saw a robin on the deck.

In May, I…

planted strawberries,

and planted tomatoes.

In June, I…

said goodbye to pre-school after two kids and four years,

played laser tag,

and cheered on Field Day.

In July, I…

got dirty,

toured the sand dunes,

saw the tip of the Cape,

got some hibachi dinner,

had a heart attack as my 7-year-old went parasailing,

and paddled around in the canoe.

In August, I…

cheered as my son put his face in the water for the first time,

visited Fenway,

ate French bread,

harvested some tomatoes,

and took my girl to her first rock concert.

In September, I…

got some cool stuff in the mail,

waved goodbye,

braved a hurricane,

saw a football game,

and harvested some strawberries.

In October, I…

built a shower,

picked apples,

saw a Cuda,

and adopted a puppy.

In November, I…

pretty much spent every day obsessing over the puppy.

In December, I…

saw Santa,

saw jellies,

and visited a salt marsh.

All in all, 2010 was tremendously better than ’09. One constant is the gratitude I feel for my time on this planet. Every moment is precious. Here’s to 2011 and enjoying the privilege of living this wonderful life.