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by admin on August 13, 2010

A brief exchange with my friend Lisa Johnson on Twitter got me thinking about my record library. It’s not a big collection, but I’m proud of it and I feel I’ve got some gems. What’s the use in keeping it to myself? Here’s my collection of wax. Nearly all were purchased in Boston between 1989 and 1992 1.

Peter Gabriel – Music from the Film Birdy This was Gabriel’s first soundtrack, and as such the predecessor to the Passion soundtrack. It’s atmospheric but contains more typically western melodies and song structure than Passion. It’s something I must be in the mood for.

The Cure – Fascination Street 12″ Contains a nice remix of Fascination Street plus Babble and Out Of Mind, both of which are exclusive to this record.

The Cure – The Walk six cut LP I love this song and the cover art. The record is a great little collection of Cure tracks: The Upstairs Room, Just One Kiss, The Dream, The Walk, La Ment and Let’s Go To Bed.

Lard – The Last  Temptation of Reid There was a time when Al Jourgensen (billed as “Alien Jourgensen” on this record) was way out of control with the side projects. Lard was one of my favorites. With Al, Paul Barker, Jeff Ward and Jello Biafra on vocals, how could you go wrong? I love that if you look at the cover art very closely, you’ll see “OPEN WIDE” in the crane’s jaws.

Ministry – With Sympathy You might think that A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste represents Ministry’s “dark days,” but you’re wrong, my friend. Before Ministry went industrial, they were a Depeche Mode-esqe new wave pop duo. Oh, Al. Such dark days. “Work For Love” is catchy none the less.

Ministry – For Love 12″ I told you “For Love” was catchy! I went out and bought the 12″. Contains two remixes.

Ministry – Everyday (Is Halloween) 12“. Contains two tracks: Everyday (Is Halloween) and All Day. I bought it for the former.

Ministry – I Wanted To Tell Her 12″. Another gem from pre-industrial Ministry. Check out that picture of Al. Oh, my.

Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska In my top two Springsteen albums (The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle sits at number one). Bruce recorded this himself on a four-track, and listening to it on vinyl does it justice. A truly stellar album.

New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle 12″. Two remixes of a killer song.

Nine Inch Nails: Happiness in Slavery advance copy – I begged this off of a DJ in Boston. It wasn’t easy, but it worked. Contains 4 remixes of Happiness. I love this one.

Nitzer Ebb  - I Give To You 12″ I got this one in Philadelphia. After waiting for what seemed like an age for a new Nitzer Ebb album, this track offered a look into what that new album would be.

Nitzer Ebb – Isn’t It Funny How Your Body Works 12″ Super remixes of Isn’t It Funny. I can remember listening to this on my Walkman at 2AM while walking home from Cambridge. Ah, memories.

Nitzer Ebb: Warsaw Ghetto 12″ Here’s one of my absolute favorites. It contains just two epic remixes: Warsaw Ghetto and So Bright So Strong. Just as great as the music is the packaging. Check out the statement on the back as well as the detail on the sleeve (all pictured below). You don’t get that with iTunes LP, folks. Yes, it’s neat to look at pretty pictures in HD with your Apple TV, but that experience does not compare to holding this stuff in your hands, smelling the aging paper and looking at the printed sleeves. Take that, technology.

Various artists: Party Party motion picture soundtrack – Go ahead, laugh. I’ve never seen this stupid movie and I bought the record for Sting’s cover of Need Your Love So Bad. It was worth it.

Prefab Sprout – From Langley Park to Memphis Whatever happend to this band? I got this album and then they seemed to disappear. It’s one of my favorites. The Golden Calf and The Venus of the Soup Kitchen are not to be missed.

Prince – Purple Rain ‘Nuff said.

Squeeze – Singles 12 killer tracks from a great band.

Meat Beat Manifesto – Storm the Studio Another great album with killer art (pictures follow). Also, notice the super-cool Wax Trax mail order catalog that was included. Remember mail order? Remember Wax Trax? I love this record.

Yes, that’s Boston’s John Hancock building.

And that’s my collection of wax. What have you got?

  1. I must apologize for the shitty white balance on all of these photos. Damn CF lightbulbs. I hate them.