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How to use Backpack for GTD

by Dave on January 30, 2008

Note: This is a re-publication of a post that I lost when my database bought it. It was my most popular by far, so I’ve re-written it. – Dave I’m love David Allen’s Getting Things Done. I do nearly all (…)

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Three easy ways to deal with office interruptions

by Dave on January 29, 2008

You’re sitting at your desk feeling motivated and enthusiastic. You’ve identified your tasks for the day, the tools are in place and your Productivity Music is playing quietly in the background. Just then, someone walks into your office and issues (…)

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2008 so far: January

by Dave on January 24, 2008

This is the first in a monthly series of posts intended to review my experiences in 2008, one month at a time. January’s lesson: “The simplest way to make a coyote is to learn how to make dust and then (…)

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