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So glad you found DaveCaolo.com. Dave is a technology writer, working for AOL and living on Cape Cod, MA. You can reach him via email at dcaolo [at] gmail [dot] com.

Originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania, Dave graduated from Marywood University in 1994 with a BS in Psychology. He moved to to Massachusetts in May, 1994 and has been a New Englander — and a Red Sox fan — ever since.


Dave has written several books, including:

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Your iPad as a Business Productivity Tool
A Beginner’s Guide to Using Your iPhone as a Business Productivity Tool
Using iMovie ’11
Taking Your OS X Lion to the Max


Here’s where you’ll find Dave:

Home Work, a weekly podcast that Dave co-hosts with Aaron Mahnke for the 70 Decibels Podcast network.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog. Dave is the News Editor and a writer at TUAW, a part of Aol Tech. Here are his posts.

52 Tiger. Dave writes about technology and productivity at 52 Tiger, with an emphasis on hands-on tutorials and how-tos.

11 Minutes. Dave co-hosts this weekly “podcast about anything” with Myke Hurley and Terry Lucy.

Read and Trust. A proud member of the Read and Trust network, Dave publishes exclusive articles to this fantastic newsletter.

Unclutterer. Dave contributes weekly articles on staying organized and productive, with an eye on technology.


Previous mentions in the press:

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Dave spent two years blogging for The Parenting Post, the official weblog of Parenting Magazine. You’ll find an archive of his articles here.


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